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Business Overview

The PNM Power Saver program is one way for PNM Small and Medium business electric customers with refrigerated air conditioning to more efficiently use electricity during the high demand summer season and help keep electricity rates lower longer. By signing up, you help protect New Mexico's environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions during the hottest summer weekday afternoons.

Small Business
Small Business Customers who use less than 50kW of electricity per month will earn $25 annually for participating. Plus, sign up by December 31 and you'll receive an additional $25 sign-up bonus.

Medium Business
If you are a Medium Business that uses between 50kW and 150kW of electricity per month, you'll receive $9 per ton of refrigerated air conditioning ($25 per kw reduction) annually for participating. Plus, if you sign up by December 31, you'll receive a one-time sign-up bonus equal to the amount you earn for participation!

The table below show estimated medium business incentives and one-time amounts based on type of business and expected demand reduction:

Examples above show typical medium business demand reductions and incentives. Actual incentive based on annual demand reduction.

If you are not sure if you are a Small or Medium PNM business customer we will tell you before you enroll to ensure you are getting the proper incentive.

After you sign up, a Power Saver device will be connected to your refrigerated air conditioning unit. With PNM Power Saver, you still control your thermostat the way you normally would. However, on the hottest summer weekday afternoons when electricity demand soars, the Power Saver device receives a wireless signal. When activated, the Power Saver device puts your refrigerated air conditioning unit into a conservation mode, coordinating it with others in the area to help manage electricity use.

The PNM Power Saver program only operates on the hottest summer weekdays between the hours of 1 p.m. and 8 p.m. from June 1 through September 30. It is not activated on holidays or weekends. During activation, the temperature in your facility may rise a few degrees, but most customers report they don't notice the change in temperature. When electricity demand is reduced, your refrigerated air conditioning unit returns to its standard operation.

Sign up for PNM Power Saver today to help your community manage electricity demand, and help ensure a safe, reliable electricity supply.

The PNM Power Saver device connects to your outdoor AC units.

PNM Power Saver Benefits Your Business

  • PNM Power Saver typically turns off your A/C's compressor for only a few minutes per half-hour from 1 p.m. to 8 p.m. on the hottest summer weekdays.
  • The time delay feature is designed to help protect the air conditioning compressor from short cycling as a result of a power outage.
  • PNM Power Saver will only be activated during the summer, June 1 through September 30, and will not be activated on holidays or weekends.
  • It's Free. There is no charge for the installation and service of the PNM Power Saver device. If you are not satisfied, you can ask to be removed from the program at no cost to you.
  • Installation is easy. If our technician has safe access to your outdoor A/C unit(s), you don't need to be at the facility when the device(s) is installed.

PNM Power Saver Benefits the Community

  • The program helps keep electricity costs lower longer by reducing the demand for power during peak hours when electricity is the most expensive to produce or purchase.