Residential Frequently Asked Questions

When you enroll in PNM Power Saver, we’ll connect the device you choose to your exterior refrigerated air conditioning unit or heat pump. On summer weekdays, June 1 through September 30, when there is sudden increased demand for electricity, we’ll automatically coordinate participating refrigerated air conditioning units and heat pumps to help manage energy distribution.

An activation period refers to the time when your PNM Power Saver device is activated and cycling occurs.

The PNM Power Saver device you choose can be either a Wi-Fi® enabled thermostat or an outdoor switch. It will be connected to your exterior refrigerated air conditioning unit. When an activation period is required, it receives a signal from PNM to reduce the use of your refrigerated air conditioning unit’s compressor until demand is normalized. Essentially then, it functions to balance regional peak usage.

Cycling refers to the automatic periods of “on and off” your air conditioner compressor unit goes through to reach and maintain the temperature you set. During an activation period, your PNM Power Saver device receives a signal to reduce the “on” time. For 50% cycling, an activation period will reduce the “on” time to half of what it was set to run.

PNM Power Saver typically operates on summer weekdays from 1 p.m. to 8 p.m., June 1 through September 30. The program is not activated on holidays or weekends. There is no limit to the number of activation periods that may be called each year, but based on past years, participants can expect fewer than ten during the cooling season. An activation period will not last longer than 4 hours on any given day.

The refrigerated air conditioning unit’s fan continues to circulate the cool air throughout your home. During this time, the temperature in your home may rise a few degrees, but most customers report they don’t notice any change. The use of home insulation, shaded windows, and ceiling fans, and the amount of home foot traffic are all things that can affect your indoor temperature.

PNM Power Saver is available to PNM residential and business customers throughout our service region. The PNM Power Saver program requires that you have a refrigerated central air conditioning unit or heat pump. Evaporative cooling units are not eligible for this program.

If you choose the outdoor switch, it is not necessary for you to be at home at the time of installation. Just be sure your exterior refrigerated air conditioning unit and electrical fuse box are accessible to our technicians.

For the Wi-Fi® enabled thermostat, please schedule installation by calling 1-866-471-7906. Please have a responsible adult home during installation prepared to receive instructions for the device’s operation.

Please note that the installed device(s) may be periodically inspected by the PNM Power Saver team to ensure functionality. As long as there is clear access to your refrigerated air conditioning unit, it is not necessary for you to be home during the time of the inspection.

PNM customers use most of their electricity in the summer. As the area grows and more new and existing customers buy refrigerated air conditioning units, demand for electricity in the summer reaches higher and higher peaks. This puts a strain on the power system. By lowering energy consumption during high-use weekday afternoons, PNM Power Saver provides a way for you to use energy wisely and have a positive impact on the environment.

Customers who sign up by December 31 will receive a one-time sign-up bonus check after the device is installed. Customers who sign up after October 1 will receive their first annual thank-you check the following fall.

If you become dissatisfied, please call 1-866-471-7906 to leave the PNM Power Saver program at no cost.

PNM Power Saver balances the demand for electricity during activation periods with non-peak periods. During activation, you will be using less electricity, which helps support the power system during peak use times. When the activation period ends, your net savings may vary, depending on how effectively you maintain the cool air in your space with reduced foot traffic, proper home insulation, shade trees, shaded windows, lowered lighting, and how much electricity you require to reduce the temperature.

For additional questions or to sign up please call 1-866-471-7906.

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